Fiscal Certification Services



Corporate Income Tax

  • Annual Corporation Tax Declarations and financial statements and other declarations
  • Income Tax
  • Annul Income Tax Declaration and annexes


Value Added Tax

  • Tax refund services
    • Export exemption
    • Discounted rate exemptions
  • Certification services for domestic manufaturing reports
  • Customs Declaration certification (CPA services agreement)


Private Consumption Tax

  • Marine fuel exemption certification report
  • Tax deferral report
  • Special Consumption Tax refund
  • Bio-ethanol manufacturing certification report
  • Attestation report of activity of gasoline with bioethanol belonging to blender
  • Other special consumption tax exemption certification report




  • Investment Incentive
  • Revenue exemption from education, sport and medical investments
  • Exemption services for assocations, trusts and co-operatives
  • Research and development exemptions
  • Income and Corporate Income Tax deductions(Extraordinary status)




  • Dedections regarding loans (according to Banking Law)
  • Review of Organised Industrial Zones operation and accounts
  • Reports for additional of equity items to share capital
  • Social Security Release reports
  • Reports in accordance with the law numbered 3984 for the fees payable to Radio-TV supreme board



Independent External Auditing Services

  • Financial Auditing in accordance with local and international standarts
  • Auditing services in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standarts(IFRS)
  • Effective risk assesment and control testing
  • Audit work in conjunction with other Boyut offices to sustain global quality
  • Auditing services in accordance with the Capital Market Board (CMB) standards
  • Auditing services in accordance with Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency (BRSA) regulations
  • Auditing services in accordance with Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) regulations
  • Auditing services in accordancewith US GAAP policies and procedures
  • Auditing services in accordance with Turkish Treasury General Directorate of Insurance laws and regulations
  •  The audit of the companies reporting to World Bank and its related agencies




Tax Avisory Services

  • Continuous Tax Consultancy
  • Services relating international tax planning
  • Providing tax consultancy, company formation and adminisration services to foreign individuals and companies
  • Asisting local and foreign investors in obtaining all required documents and permits
  • VAT planning and refund of VAT suffered both abroad and in Turkey
  • The analysis and tax-legal appraisal of various contracts such as licensing, royalty, technical services, expense sharing,disributorship agreement,share transfer agreement and the assesment of the tax impacts.



Law Advisory Services

  • Tax Law
  • Turkish  Companies Law
  • International Law
  • Undertaking the tax lawsuits
  • Giving written legal opinion on tax matters
  • Consultancy in company mergers and liquidations
  • Company formation services
  • Mediation and abritration
  • Legal and tax consultancy on property acquisitions
  • Expert witness, receivership, auditors
  • Changes to company by-laws,registered address and share transfers



HR  Advisory Services

  • The companies have to fully utulize their resources in order to achieve high performance in their businesses. In order to compete and be successful in the market, the companies have to have strong financials, technological infrastructures as well as they need to aducate and retain qualified personel.
  • Our qualified staff closely work with the companies to have the human resources’ vision, mission, and business strategies cohere with the companies’ overall strategies. To achieve flawless business performance, our staff provides training, performance management, and all human resources services to its clients.


Corporate Finance Advisory Services

  • Consultancy and audit services for privatisations, initial public offerings and issuing prospectus
  • Company valuations and other advisory work on merger and acquistisitions
  • Designing, preparing and developing corporate annual reports
  • Preparation of profitability and cost analysis report
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Consultancy services in raising Project finance and equity finance
  • Consultancy services in corporate dissolutions, mergers and acquisitions